Zoppa Media Group ... Our unique emphasis concentrates on selecting the best possible menu of services to raise the profile of a given effort, and then ongoing testing and tracking to ensure the best possible outcome.

Services … When it comes to services, we are experts at leveraging our extensive third party network of media providers to develop communications strategies that are then customized to suit a broad spectrum of client business needs. We provide media campaigns, news dissemination services, contact management, public speaking engagements, conference planning, marketing and project management. The Internet itself has given us a mechanism for testing campaigns on behalf of our select clientele – and we test and retest aggressively.

Philosophy … Our business philosophy focuses on providing a vertical network of service providers, mostly Internet oriented that gives us a strong competitive advantage. This technical perspective is an outgrowth of a larger focus dedicated to using the Internet to create accountability and documentation hitherto impossible to generate using Old Media means.

My name is Diana Zoppa. I look forward to helping you move forward through leveraging our contact-base of third party media providers. We feel that our years of experience facilitating successful campaigns will help you develop effective communications strategies that have been proven to increase your bottom line.More...


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